A review paper on “Extracellular ATP is a central signaling molecule in plant stress responses”

Extracellular ATP is a central signaling molecule in plant stress responses

Yangrong Cao, Kiwamu Tanaka, Cuong T Nguyen, Gary Stacey


Because of their sessile nature, plants have developed a number of sophisticated signaling systems to adapt to environmental changes. Previous research has shown that extracellular ATP is an important signaling molecule used by plants and functions in a variety of processes, including growth, development, and stress responses. Recently, DORN1 was identified as the first plant purinoceptor, essential for the plant response to ATP. The identification of the receptor is a milestone for our overall understanding of various physiological events regulated by extracellular ATP. In this review, we will discuss the possible roles of DORN1 providing future direction for research into the role of extracellular ATP in plants.