Congratulations to Bruna Montes Luz, LSC Person of the Month for April!

Bruna Montes Luz, PhD student at the Stacey lab, has been chosen as the Bond Life Sciences Center Person of the Month for April. Here are some of the comments someone had to share about Bruna:

“Bruna is a constant in the LSC who welcomes everyone and built a community helping international students and other graduate students throughout the LSC. On top of being an excellent scientist, Bruna advocates for graduate students and is an active leader within the community. Individuals who have the capacity to excel in the strenuous work demanded by graduate school while still maintaining a connection to the community are few and far between, and fewer are those who care for the wellbeing of others enough to take action. Bruna is one of those few people.”

Congratulations, Bruna! This honor is well-deserved!