Katalin Tóth - Postdoctoral Research Associate

Contact information

201 Life Science Center
1201 Rollins Road
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
Email: tothk at missouri.edu
Lab Phone No.: (573) 884 4799


Ph.D. in Genetics at the Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary (2005-2008, 2012) and at the University of Munich (LMU), Germany (2008-2012); DAAD (2008-2009) and BAYHOST (2009-2011) fellow. Worked on root nodule symbiosis (Lotus japonicus SYMREM1 is a novel signaling component involved in symbiotic nitrogen fixation)

M.Sc. in Biology and Environmentalism at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia (2000-2005)

Postdoctoral fellow since March 2012 in Stacey lab


Yan Liang, Katalin Tóth, Yangrong Cao, Kiwamu Tanaka, Catherine Espinoza and Gary Stacey Lipochitooligosaccharide recognition: an ancient storyNew Phytologist

Wang, J*., Toth, K*., Tanaka, K., Nguyen, C.T., Yan, Z., Brechenmacher, L., Dahmen, J., Chen, M., Thelen, J., Qiu, L., et al. (2014). A soybean Acyl Carrier Protein, GmACP, is important for root nodule symbiosis. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 140108134719002

Tóth K*, Stratil TF*, Madsen EB, Ye J, Popp C, Antolín-Llovera M, Grossmann C, Jensen ON, Schüssler A, Parniske M, and Ott T (2012) Functional domain analysis of the Remorin protein LjSYMREM1 in Lotus japonicus PLoS ONE 7(1): e30817

Lefebvre B, Timmers T, Mbengue M, Moreau S, Hervé C, Tóth K, Bittencourt-Silvestre J, Klaus D, Deslandes L, Godiard L, Murray JD, Udvardi MK, Raffaele S, Mongrand S, Cullimore J, Gamas P, Niebel A, and Ott T (2010)
A remorin protein interacts with symbiotic receptors and regulates bacterial infection
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U S A, 107(5): 2343-2348
* both authors contributed equally to the work