Cuong The Nguyen - Posdoctoral Research Associate

Contact Information

201 Life Science Center

1201 Rollins Road
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
Email: ctn5y7 at
Lab Phone No.: (573) 884 4799


2016 – Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Division of Plant Sciences, University of Missouri.

2009 – Ph.D. Student (major: plant breeding, genetics, and genomics; minor: bioinformatics) at the Division of Plant Sciences, University of Missouri.

2001 – MSc in Computer Application in Agriculture, Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi, India

1994 – BSc in Agronomy, College of Agriculture, Cantho University, Vietnam

Professional Experiences

1994-1999: Research assistant at the Department of Farming Systems, Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute, Vietnam.

2001-2009: Information management, the Department of Scientific Management, Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute, Vietnam.


– Role of extracellular ATP in plants (Next-Generation BioGreen 21 Program, South Korea)

– A resource for functional genomics to support soybean genetics and breeding (NSF grant).

– Identification and characterization of novel plant genotypes for soybean seed trait improvement using fast neutron irradiated mutants (MSMC grant).

– Characterization of genetic lesions and yield potential of two fast neutron mutants with high seed-per-pod value traits (MSMC grant).

– Identification and characterization of novel plant genotypes for soybean seed trait improvement
using fast neutron irradiated mutants (MSMC grant).

– Network-guided modification of soybean meal composition (United Soybean Board grant).


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