Andrea Sommer - Research Specialist

Andrea Hurley-Sommer
Research Specialist
Division of Plant Sciences
202 Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center
University of Missouri
1201 E. Rollins Street
Columbia MO 65211
Tel: (573)-884-3045
Email: sommera at


Graduated 2002 with a Bachelor in Biotechnology
Minor in Accounting/Economics/Business

I was involved in two different projects while working in Dr. Gary Stacey’s Lab

Project 1:

My research is focused on the nodulation process and their involving transcription factors. Performing     transformation by using Agrobacterium rhizogenes and inoculation by usingBradyrhizobium japonicum.

Project 2:

The research project (Metagenomic screening of rumen protozoa) I’m involved in the isolation of total rumen protozoa to develop a cDNA library.