Sandra Thibivilliers - Ph.D. Student

Past Contact Information


University of Missouri
Division of Plant Sciences
201 Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center
Columbia, MO 65211
Lab: 573-884-4799
e-mail: st5y7 at


2005-present PhD degree: Candidate ESTs Approach for Soybean Fungal Disease Resistance
Department of Plant Microbiology and Pathology at the University of Missouri (MO)
Advisors: Dr. Gary Stacey and Dr. Henry T. Nguyen

1998-2000 MS degree: Molecular and Cellular Plant Physiology at the University of Paris VII (France)

Research Experiences

2005 -Present – University of Missouri, Department of Plant Microbiology and Pathology at the University of Missouri (MO)
PhD degree training, Advisors: Dr. G. Stacey and Dr. H. T. Nguyen
Project: Candidate ESTs Approach for Soybean Fungal Disease Resistance.
January 2003 -July 2004 – INRA – Laboratory of Cell Biology, Versailles
Assistant of research, Phloem Group, Supervisor: Dr. S. DINANT (Collaboration with the Seed Company: Vilmorin Clause & Cie – Limagrain Group)
Project: Analysis of phloem transcriptom of A. graveolens under biotic stress and viral infection.

January 2001 – July 2002 – CIRAD, Montpellier
Assistant of research, Biotrop Laboratory, Supervisors: Dr. J.-C. GLASZMANN and M. DEU
Projects: i) Production and characterization of a sorghum BAC library,
ii) Studying linkage disequilibrium by producing SSR markers for a sorghum core collection.

April – October 2000 – CIRAD, Montpellier
Master degree Training, “Annual Cultures” group, Advisor: Dr. J.-M. LACAPE
Project: Genetic mapping of tetraploid cotton and detection of QTL involved in fiber quality.


May – July 2007 – Junior student: Rebecca Duran (New Mexico, State University)
Project: Transcription factors leading the pathway to survival

Honor and Awards

2008-2009 ? Award for Excellence in Organizing the IPG Seminar Series ($500)

April 2008 ? DPS Graduate Research Enhancement Grants ($750)
Project: Use of confocal microscopy for a better understanding of rust infection on soybean.

2007-2008 ? Award for Excellence in Organizing the IPG Seminar Series ($500)

July 2007 ? Millikan travel grant for ASP/SON meeting in San Diego, CA ($800)


Academic service

2009 ? Hosting Interdisciplinary Plant Group (IPG) speaker Dr. May (National Center for Genome  Resources)
2008 ? Hosting IPG speaker Dr. Haswell (Washington University in St. Louis)
2008 ? Organization 3rd Annual Millikan Lecture, hosting Dr. Ausubel (Harvard University)
2007 ? Hosting IPG speaker Dr. Bartel (Rice University)
2007 – 2009 ? Organization of the IPG seminar series
2007-2008? Student Association of Plant Pathology (SAPP) Vice president
2006-2007? SAPP treasure


– Thibivilliers S, Joshi T, Campbell KB, Scheffler B, Xu D, Cooper B, Nguyen HT, and Stacey G. (2009) Generation of Phaseolus vulgaris ESTs and investigation of their regulation upon Uromyces appendiculatus infection. BMC plant biology (in publication).

– Lee J, Feng J, Campbell KB, Scheffler BE, Garrett WM, Thibivilliers S, Stacey G, Naiman DQ, Tucker ML, Pastor-Corrales MA, Cooper B. (2008) Quantitative proteomic analysis of bean plants infected by a virulent and avirulent obligate rust fungus. Mol Cell Proteomics 8(1):19-31

– Libault M, Thibivilliers S, Radwan O, Clough SJ, Stacey G. (2008) Identification of four soybean reference genes for gene expression normalization. The plant Genome, 1:44-54

– Divol F, Vilaine F, Thibivilliers S, Kusiak C, Sauge MH, Dinant S. (2007) Involvement of the xyloglucan endotransglycosylase/hydrolases encoded by celery XTH1 and Arabidopsis XTH33 in the phloem response to aphids. Plant Cell Environ. 30(2):187-201

– Divol F., Vilaine F., Thibivilliers S., Amselem J., Palauqui J.-C., Kusiak C., and Dinant S. (2005) Systemic response to aphid infestation by Myzus persicae in the phloem of Apium graveloens. Plant Mol Biol. 57(4):517-40

– Lacape J.-M., Nguyen T.-B., Thibivilliers S., Bojinov B., Matz E.C., Blewitt M., Courtois B., Cantrell R.G., Burr B. and Hau B. (2003) A combined RFLP-SSR-AFLP map of tetraploid cotton based on aGossypium hirsutum x Gossypium barbadense backcross population. Genome 46(4): 612-26.

– Vilarinhos A., Piffanelli P., Lagoda P., Thibivilliers S., Sabau X, Carreel F., D’Hont A. (2003) Construction and characterization of a bacterial artificial chromosome library of banana (Musa acuminata Colla). TAG 106(6): 1102-1106.

– Droillard M.-J., Thibivilliers S., Cazalé A.-C., Barbier-Brygoo H., Laurière C. (2000) Protein kinases induced by osmotic stresses and elicitor molecules in tobacco cell suspensions: two crossroad MAPkinases and one osmoregulation-specific protein kinase. FEBS Letters 474(2-3): 217-222.

Scientific Meetings & Posters
 Thibivilliers S, Libault M., Nguyen H.T., and Stacey G. Soybean Transcription Factors Implicated in Resistance to Asian Soybean Rust infection. ASM branch meeting, Columbia MO, March 2009 (Oral presentation)

– Sandra Thibivilliers, Trupti Joshi, Kimberly B. Campbell, Brian Scheffler, Roger Boerma, Dong Xu, Bret Cooper, Henry T. Nguyen, and Gary Stacey. EST sequencing of Phaseolus vulgaris genes responsive to Uromyces appendiculatus infection also identifies soybean genes responding toPhakopsora pachyrhizi infection. Soy 2008, Indianapolis IN, July 2008

– Sandra Thibivilliers, Bret Cooper, Kimberly Campbell, Brian Scheffler, Roger Boerma, Balaji Boovaraghan, James Schoelz, Henry Nguyen, Gary Stacey. Phaseolus vulgarisUromyces appendiculatus pathosystem as a model for Asian soybean rust. APS/SON joint meeting, San Diego CA, July 2007.

– Thibivilliers S., Divol F., Vilaine F., Amselem J., Aaziz R., Palauqui J.-C. and Dinant S. Analysis of phloem response under biotic stresses as virus, bacteria and fungi. Phloem Conference, Poitiers France, April 2004.

– Dinant S., Divol S., Vilaine F., Palauqui J-C., Anselem J., Thibivilliers S.  and Lemoine R. Analysis of the phloem in the plant response to aphid feeding. Phloem 2003, Bayreuth Germany, September 2003.

– Piffanelli P., Vilarinhos A., Thibivilliers S., Lagoda P., Sabau X. and Glaszmann J.-C. BACTROP: creation of a platform for physical mapping of tropical species. Plant, Animal and Microbe X conference, San Diego CA, January 2002.

– Deu M., Cardi C., Berger A., Thibivilliers S., Lagoda P., Piffanelli P. and Glaszmann J.-C. QTL tagging in sorghum with the view to cloning genes of generic interest: development of a SSR and BAC molecular back-up. Génoplante 2001, Poitiers France, October 2001.

Presentations were also made at a number of different meetings hosted by the University of Missouri including

– Missouri Life Sciences Week (2007, 2008, and 2009)
– 3rd, 4th, and 5th Annual Soybean Biotechnology Symposium (2007, 2008, and 2009)