Kallie Jones - Undergraduate Student

Kallie Jones
Email: KDJM5Q@mail.missouri.edu
Cell: 573-777-0657


University of Missouri- Columbia
Bachelor of Science in Plant Sciences
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2022
Awards: Bright Flight Scholar, Chancellor’s Award Recipient, CAFNR Scholarship Recipient, Don Day Agribusiness and Bioscience Award Recipient, MFA Foundation Scholarship Recipient, Katahdin Hair Sheep International Scholarship Recipient, Prenger Foods Scholarship recipient, Missouri Seal of Biliteracy Holder


Plant-Microbe Interactions in Laboratory of Dr. Gary Stacey, Oct 2018- Present
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Laboratory Techniques: preparing media, growing plants such as Seteria viridis and Arabidopsis, growing endophytic bacteria, plant inoculations, measuring root parameters with WinRHIZO software, DNA extraction, bacteria transformation with Plasmid DNA
Laboratory Equipment: air displacement pipettes, centrifuge, autoclave, gel electrophoresis, shaking incubator, incubator, spectrophotometer

EAG Labs, Columbia Missouri, June 2018- Present
Operations Support Technician
Laboratory Techniques: Good Laboratory Practices
Laboratory Equipment: Robot Coupe 10, 23, and 45, Hammermill


Missouri Life Sciences Week 2019
Essential Genes for Beneficial Bacteria Association Identifies by Transposon Sequencing


Accepted into the FRIPS program (Freshman Research in Plant Sciences)